Course In Miracles Center
Resources and Links

A Course In Miracles books and related materials are available for purchase at the Center before and after the study group sessions.

Listed here are some of the links to national sites with which we are familiar.
The website for the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles. The Foundation is the home of Paul Tuttle, who has channeled Raj for many years.
Home Page for the Foundation for Inner Peace, original publisher of A Course in Miracles
The Circle of Atonement, a center in Sedona, Arizona with Robert Perry, Allen Watson, and others
Home Page for Marianne Williamson, author of Course-inspired books, and a teacher of the Course
Rev. Tony Ponticello's website for the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco, a church dedicated to A Course in Miracles
Center in Los Angeles, directed by Beverly Hutchinson, clearinghouse for ACIM information